Robocopy Detects Files as Modified

July 18, 2017

From Windows 2008 to Windows 2012 the robocopy utility has been changed. Now it detects all files an “modified”.

I use robocopy to bring data from remote office to the centralized file server and back them up further. I’m not sure if robocopy actually copies files or just changes some attributes, but NetBackup sees the files as new and back up all of them even during incremental backup.

After battling the issue on my own I have opened a case with Microsoft. Together with MS engineer we have found two potential solutions

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MAC is very slow accessing a file storage

March 13, 2017

We faced pretty interesting issue: our MAC computers were very slow accessing the files on a file storage. It took 2 to 5 minutes just to list the folder content not even mentioning about copying the files. At the same time all Windows systems in the same subnet were working absolutely fine.

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Matching the ESX and storage LUNs

February 23, 2017

It has been always a problem to match LUNs on ESX to LUNs on a storage. Eventually I wrote a short script to make this work way easier

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Windows Firewall terminates with Access Denied error

February 20, 2017

Honestly speaking I do not know when exactly it happened and why, but one day I found out that the Windows Firewall service on my computer was stopped. Not a big deal, I tried to start it up and got the Access Denied error. Read the rest of this entry »

SUN Chassis – Too many users are logged in

January 20, 2017

I’ve got an issue when I could not log into one of my SUN/Oralce chassis. The message was “Too many users are logged in“. If this message comes from any blade, the issue can be easily resolved by logging to chassis and resetting blade SP from chassis console. In this particular case the solution should be very similar – reset chassis SP. However, how to do this if not web console nor SSH allow to login?

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Cleaning up the DFS errors

November 21, 2016

Some DFS-related errors, such as “Cannot enumerate namespace“, “Element not found” or “RPC server is not available” are related to the configuration issues in namespace. All  DFS components in registry, Active Directory and file system should be in sync. If they are not, the mentioned above errors happen. Pretty often it is easier and faster to remove DFS namespace completely and recreate it rather than to fix it. This article is about removing a DFS namespace and cleaning up all its components.

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