SYSOCMGR does not work via PSEXEC

No, it does not.In this article I showed how to use SYSOCMGR to install Windows optional components remotely and silently. I tested the script on my XP workstation and it was working. However, when I tried to install SNMP on Windows 2003 servers, I failed.

I have found that SYSOCMGR does not work via PSEXEC. I spent two days to find the reason and the solution. I still have no idea about the reason of such behaviour, but I have the solution. This is the SCHTASKS utility, which replaced AT.exe in Windows XP and Windows 2003.


  • We have a batch file containing all the commands including SYSOCMGR.
  • Batch file name is REMOTE.bat
  • Remote server name is WEBSERVER
  • The batch file is located on the WEBSERVER server in the C:\Temp folder


  • SCHTASKS /CREATE /S WEBSERVER /SC ONCE /RU “SYSTEM” /TN “My_Remote_Task” /TR “C:\Temp\Remote.bat” /ST 00:00:01
    The key point here is the start time (option /ST). Start time is today but in the past. Therefore, this scheduled task will never run
    This is how we run our batch file
    This command gives us the scheduled task status. Let’s wait until the task finishes
    And now we can delete this task

The script implementing this approach is here


4 Responses to SYSOCMGR does not work via PSEXEC

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  2. .\psexec.exe -i 0 -s \\$server sysocmgr.exe /q /i:c:\windows\inf\sysoc.inf /u:c:\snmp.inf
    work over here 🙂

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