Duplicate Contacts on Blackberry

I have recently faced with the duplicate contacts on our users’ Blackberry devices. There are two solutions of this problem.

NOTE: Both solutions have been tested in BES 4.1 + Exchange environment

One solution is the RIM KB04227 article, “Contacts are duplicated on the BlackBerry smartphone after wireless synchronization”


Another solution is an undocumented feature

  • Open Contacts on Blackberry
  • Press Blackberry button and select Options
  • On Options screen just type rset. Just four letters. There is no any field to type the info in, however, just type it.
  • The message comes up asking if you want to clean up the contacts. Say Yes.
  • Confirm the resynchronization with BES. In a minute or two the contacts will be repopulated from BES

This feature does not work on all Blackberry, however, it did work on my 8900


One Response to Duplicate Contacts on Blackberry

  1. Chris says:

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