How to Trace the Alarm Notifications in CA Spectrum

If you have a problem with receiving the CA Spectrum email notifications for specific alarms, you can trace the logic of alarmNotifier.

1. Log into the SpectroSERVER
2. Open up Command Prompt window

bash –login
cd notifier

3. Run alarmNotifier with the /? option to see all the parameters

alarmNotifier /?
Usage: AlarmNotifier [-r <resource file>] [-n <application>]
[-tl summary|details [-tn <trace file>] [-ts <size>]]

4. Run alarmNotifier with the tracing paramenters

alarmNotifier -r servers.alarmrc -tl details -tn MyTraceFile.txt

Note: You can use your customized resource file if you have any. If you omit the –r parameter, the default .alarmrc file will be used.

5. Wait until the required event happens or simulate it
6. Stop the alarmNotifier
7. Go to \SPECTRUM\Notifier folder and open up the MyTraceFile.txt file

Note: AlarmNotifier is checking the properties of each alarm against every filter in the policy associated with the selected resource file (servers.alarmrc in this example).
Note: There are no filter names in the trace file, but they can be identified by notification data.
Note: AlarmNotifier is checking tab by tab in a filter, using logical AND between tabs and logical OR within tabs


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