Uninstalling/Upgrading the DELL Server Administrator (OMSA) forcibly

Yesterday I found a really old DELL server in out system – PE 4600 with Server Administrator v1.0.0 on it. This version is really old and does not have some feature we use, so the decision was to install v5.5. Well, the installation did not start, it always said that the older version existed and should have been uninstalled first.Stopping the services, restarting the server or even removing the OMSA keys from registry did not help

The solution is simpler than you could have expected:

  1. Go to the <Server Administrator installation folder\support\omclean directory
  2. Run OMClean.
  3. Close the window prompting to reboot at the end of the process. (I’m not sure if clicking OK forces a reboot, but I does not want to test it on the production server).
  4. Install OMSA v5.5 (or any other version), but do not restart at the end
  5. Start up DSM …. services and you can use new version of OMSA

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