Do not go sleep

I needed to prevent a monitor from going sleep every 15 minutes. Our group policy prohibits any changes in power management on the computer, but does not configure any settings, keeping them at default values. So it looked like I would be able to make the changes, but not from Control Panel

The solution was pretty easy: use powercfg utility, that is now part of Windows. it has a lot of parameters and you’d better to run

powercfg /? > C:\temp\powercfg.txt

or something like this to get them into the file

I only needed option -X to modify some settings:

powercfg -x -monitor-timeout-ac 0
powercfg -x -monitor-timeout-dc 0

The other options can be used to change settings for disk timeout and stand-by/hibernate.

-disk-timeout-ac <minutes>
-disk-timeout-dc <minutes>
-standby-timeout-ac <minutes>
-standby-timeout-dc <minutes>
-hibernate-timeout-ac <minutes>
-hibernate-timeout-dc <minutes>

-ac/-dc distinguishes whether a computer is on battery power (DC) or on regular power (AC)


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