SUN Chassis – Too many users are logged in

I’ve got an issue when I could not log into one of my SUN/Oralce chassis. The message was “Too many users are logged in“. If this message comes from any blade, the issue can be easily resolved by logging to chassis and resetting blade SP from chassis console. In this particular case the solution should be very similar – reset chassis SP. However, how to do this if not web console nor SSH allow to login?

Generally speaking, any IPMI management tool should help in this situation. For example, DELL OpenManage BMC Utiliy, that can be downloaded for any server from the Systems Management section. However, I found IPMIView from SuperMicro working better.

Resetting SP with this application is a question of two minutes and ten clicks

  1. Install IPMIView
  2. Run it with elevated privileges
  3. Click FileNewSystem and enter chassis name (any) and IP address. The system appears on left panel in IPMI domain section
  4. Double click on the name
  5. Enter name and password to log in
  6. After successful logon click on the IPM device tab at the bottom of the screen
  7. Wait for a while until the screen is populated. It is possible to shut down or reboot the system from this screen. Or simply click on Cold Reset button in BMC area.

This is it. In a minute the chassis allows to log into.

If you spend some time exploring this tool, you’ll find it quite useful




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