Windows Firewall terminates with Access Denied error

Honestly speaking I do not know when exactly it happened and why, but one day I found out that the Windows Firewall service on my computer was stopped. Not a big deal, I tried to start it up and got the Access Denied error. Pretty short investigation showed that the service did not have permissions to modify the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SharedAccess registry key.

Even though it can be done via Registry Editor, I decided to spend a few more minutes to have a script for this.

Here it is:

$ACL = Get-ACL -path “HKLM:\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\SharedAccess”
$Inherit = []”ContainerInherit, ObjectInherit”
$Propagation = []”None”
$Rule = New-Object “NT SERVICE\mpssvc”,”FullControl” ,$inherit,$propagation,”Allow”
$ACL | Set-ACL

Note: The service name is “NT SERVICE\mpssvc” (with a space!), but after applying the change it’ll look like MpsSvc”




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