MAC Addresses on NLB Cluster

December 2, 2015

With my colleague we were working  on strange NLB cluster issue and were discussing Layer 2 data transmission and strange MAC addresses on NLB cluster. My colleague brought an interesting point to my attention

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Changing IP configuration remotely

November 23, 2015

Once I received a request to fix an issue with MAC computers that could not access any shared folders on Windows file server. The Windows clients were OK. Well, the very first troubleshooting step is to log into the server. However, I could not do this. I got a message saying that domain controller was not available and my credentials could not be verified.

It looked like this server could not find a domain using the DNS servers in its IP configuration. But how to check and modify it?

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System event notification service failed to logon

November 20, 2015

During the logon to one of the Windows 7 workstations I received the following message:

System event notification service failed to logon: Access Denied

The fix is available in the Internet and is pretty simple:

  • Log into the computer in safe mode with networking
  • Run CMD as an administrator
  • Restart the computer

Unfortunately, I couldn’t run CMD as Administrator. The system could not find the path, even though running CMD without elevated privileges was fine.

Well, I created a batch file with the same netsh command


added it to Startup folder and restarted the computer. The issue was fixed

RDP Session Drops Wireless Connection on Windows Vista/Windows 7

April 30, 2014

My test laptop with Windows 7 Professional has been always connected to the network via wired Ethernet. Whenever I have needed to RDP into it, I easily could. However, last time I have used it in another office and have not connected to the cable when returned back to my desk. Big deal, I can always use its wireless connection for RDP. And guess what… I could not. My desktop dropped RDP connection, because laptop lost wireless connection. Every time. Local logon to laptop restored wireless connection, but another attempt to RDP to it killed wireless again.

Then I recalled that I had similar issue several years ago working with Windows Vista. I spent some time looking for any record of mine how to fix it and finally found!

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