Cleaning up the DFS errors

November 21, 2016

Some DFS-related errors, such as “Cannot enumerate namespace“, “Element not found” or “RPC server is not available” are related to the configuration issues in namespace. All  DFS components in registry, Active Directory and file system should be in sync. If they are not, the mentioned above errors happen. Pretty often it is easier and faster to remove DFS namespace completely and recreate it rather than to fix it. This article is about removing a DFS namespace and cleaning up all its components.

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Grey Cross on the Network Files and Folders

February 1, 2016

I received a request from the user who got her files and folders on a network drive inaccessible. They were crossed out with a grey cross.


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Cannot Delete File with Spaces

August 26, 2015

Windows cannot delete some files with spaces, especially if the space is at the end of the file name. The delete command trims the spaces from the name and then simply cannot find such file. Old fashion DEL command like this

DEL /F “F:\Folder1\Folder2\File Name “

still may not work.

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Blind Drop or Write-Only Windows 2012 FTP Site

March 26, 2015

This time it was pretty interesting task. We needed a generic ftp account for all the public users to upload their stuff to our ftp server. However, the requirement was to prevent them from downloading other users’ files from this ftp server. The Write-Only access if you will.

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How to List User’s Mapped Drives

June 23, 2010

Sometimes you need to know what drives a user has mapped. The solution is very simple – the list is located in this registry key:

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Duplicates of folder names

March 1, 2010

How do you like these Application Data folders? Yes it is possible, because the actual folder names are different.  This is just how Windows represents the folders. Read the rest of this entry »