Replacing the failed drive in QNAP

September 30, 2017

My QNAP storage got a failed drive (drive 1 to be specific). I pulled it out, inserted a new one and… nothing happened. On the web console it was showing RAID 5 Disk Volume with only drives 2, 3 and 4. The volume had “degraded” status and the Action button was greyed out. Here’s the solution:

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SUN Chassis – Too many users are logged in

January 20, 2017

I’ve got an issue when I could not log into one of my SUN/Oralce chassis. The message was “Too many users are logged in“. If this message comes from any blade, the issue can be easily resolved by logging to chassis and resetting blade SP from chassis console. In this particular case the solution should be very similar – reset chassis SP. However, how to do this if not web console nor SSH allow to login?

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WD Sentinel (DX4000): Disk is not compatible

October 26, 2016

If you have Western Digital WD Sentinel (DX4000, DX4200, DS5100, DS6100) NAS device, you may have trouble replacing the failed drive. Even if the drive is from the compatibility list, the device does not see it as compatible. Fortunately, WD Support has a solution

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Do not go sleep

October 30, 2015

I needed to prevent a monitor from going sleep every 15 minutes. Our group policy prohibits any changes in power management on the computer, but does not configure any settings, keeping them at default values. So it looked like I would be able to make the changes, but not from Control Panel

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June 22, 2015

One of our WD DX4000 died with a message “STARTUP FAILED 0xD9“. The recovery process from recovery DVD failed with the message “STORAGE BAD“. Even though there was no indication about failed drive(s), I could not  get further than “STORAGE BAD“.

Finally I fixed it. The problem was in a drive partitioning.

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Windows Server Installation Stuck on the First Screen

May 23, 2013

I recently faced pretty interesting issue – I could not install Windows Server 2003 on DELL PowerEdge 2950. Even though I used DELL build utility and did not see any error messages or warnings, as soon as the server was rebooted to start Windows installation, it stuck at the very first screen of the installation process:


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Uninstalling/Upgrading the DELL Server Administrator (OMSA) forcibly

July 13, 2012

Yesterday I found a really old DELL server in out system – PE 4600 with Server Administrator v1.0.0 on it. This version is really old and does not have some feature we use, so the decision was to install v5.5. Well, the installation did not start, it always said that the older version existed and should have been uninstalled first.Stopping the services, restarting the server or even removing the OMSA keys from registry did not help

The solution is simpler than you could have expected:

  1. Go to the <Server Administrator installation folder\support\omclean directory
  2. Run OMClean.
  3. Close the window prompting to reboot at the end of the process. (I’m not sure if clicking OK forces a reboot, but I does not want to test it on the production server).
  4. Install OMSA v5.5 (or any other version), but do not restart at the end
  5. Start up DSM …. services and you can use new version of OMSA