Remotely Synchronizing the Time Between Two Computers

March 8, 2016

Cannot log into remote system due to time discrepancy?


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Changing IP configuration remotely

November 23, 2015

Once I received a request to fix an issue with MAC computers that could not access any shared folders on Windows file server. The Windows clients were OK. Well, the very first troubleshooting step is to log into the server. However, I could not do this. I got a message saying that domain controller was not available and my credentials could not be verified.

It looked like this server could not find a domain using the DNS servers in its IP configuration. But how to check and modify it?

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Cannot Establish RDP Session After Restart

July 14, 2010

Sometimes you can not establish the RDP connection to a server or to a workstation right after restart. It is pingable, the remote connection is allowed, local logon works perfectly, but RPD connection does not work. What could happen? Read the rest of this entry »

Slow or Endless Logon to Terminal Server

February 13, 2010

Investigating the situation

Sometimes the TS login process takes minutes instead of second to complete. The best point to start investigation is the debug log file. Read the rest of this entry »