Changing the email address for public folder

November 22, 2015

It’s just a reminder how to change an email address for mail-enabled public folder using PowerShell.

There in no way to modify the email address, so the new one should be added and the old one should be removed

$PF = Get-MailPublicFolder “”
$PF.EmailAddresses += “”

$PF | Set-MailPublicFolder

If necessary, primary email address can be set up this way:

Set-MailPublicFolder “” -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $FALSE -PrimarySmtpAddress “”


Synchronization problems between Exchange Server and Outlook

December 20, 2011

There is a good Microsoft article, explaining how to fix synchronization issues between Exchange and Outlook, when some Exchange objects do not appear in Outlook. However, a small part should be added to the article.

When a user cannot see the content of a particular public folder, even if he/she is an owner of it and none of the steps from the article above helps, try this

1. Make only one user an owner of a public folder with synchronization issues
2. Turn all other Owners into Publishing Editors
3. Run the user’s Outlook as follows

Outlook /cleanviews

4. Be aware that the user will lose all the views created in Outlook

NDR to a distribution list or to a public folder is not supported

January 27, 2011

Believe you or not, but you cannot configure Microsoft Exchange Server of any version to send non-delivery reports (NDRs) to a distribution list or to a public folder. This configuration is not supported.

By default, when an e-mail message is undeliverable, an NDR is returned only to the sender of the e-mail message.  However, if the return address is an email address of a public folder (i.e. message has been sent as a public folder) or a distribution list, they will never receive the NDR. You can just configure Exchange server to send a copy of NDRs to an SMTP e-mail address, either within your Exchange organization or on the foreign system

Check out these two Microsoft articles to learn more about the issue and find a workaround


How to Send As Public Folder

October 22, 2010

This is not a complicated procedure if you are doing it every week or so. I’m doing this once a month and never remember the proper sequence and all the checkboxes. This article describes the way how to send an e-mail as public folder in Exchange 2003

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