Error 1605: The specified product key is not valid for the target edition

September 19, 2017

Unfortunately, Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Edition has limitation of 32GB of RAM. Too bad, if more memory is needed. When I have run into this issue, I have decided to upgrade OS to Enterprise Edition. We have VLK license that supports both Editions, so I did not expect any issues with this.

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Cannot copy files during in-place upgrade to Windows 2003

August 1, 2017

It’s hard to believe but I have recently needed to execute the in-place upgrade from Windows 2000 to Windows 2003. Nothing special, but in the middle of the copy process the installer threw out the error:

Setup Cannot Copy the File Cmprops.dl_

I could see the file on CD, but could not copy it. OK, I ignored the message and immediately got another one about the next file. Well, the setup was cancelled.

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Robocopy Detects Files as Modified

July 18, 2017

From Windows 2008 to Windows 2012 the robocopy utility has been changed. Now it detects all files an “modified”.

I use robocopy to bring data from remote office to the centralized file server and back them up further. I’m not sure if robocopy actually copies files or just changes some attributes, but NetBackup sees the files as new and back up all of them even during incremental backup.

After battling the issue on my own I have opened a case with Microsoft. Together with MS engineer we have found two potential solutions

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Windows Server Installation Stuck on the First Screen

May 23, 2013

I recently faced pretty interesting issue – I could not install Windows Server 2003 on DELL PowerEdge 2950. Even though I used DELL build utility and did not see any error messages or warnings, as soon as the server was rebooted to start Windows installation, it stuck at the very first screen of the installation process:


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RDP Fails After Server Restart; No Process Listens on Port 3389

September 30, 2012

I faced really interesting problem – one of our servers stopped responding to RDP after server restart. I spent some time trying to troubleshoot it.  This article from Microsoft gives good a course of troubleshooting. This one also can help. Unfortunalely, nothing helped in my case. Finally I opened a ticket with Microsoft. It took 4 hours to find the real root cause of the issue

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Setting up the Programmatic Access in Outlook 2007/2010

September 24, 2012

For a PCI-related product we have recently installed, I’ve needed to run a script that reads an Outlook mailbox and analyze the message content. Nothing special, but Outlook stops script with the following message

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